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– You’re an entrepreneur and want a step-by-step way to end overwhelm, have more income, more energy… without giving up on your business.

– You want to jump out of bed full of energy with confidence to handle the craziest of situations with grace and ease. 

– You’re ready to reconnect with yourself, without going to therapy or wasting time on things that haven’t worked.

– You’re a high-vibe entrepreneur always looking to improve yourself.


– You do not own a business or your own practice.

– You have a victim mentality and blame your situation on everyone else.

– You don’t believe in investing in yourself because you want to try to do everything on your own. (P.S. how’s that going?)

– You just want to vent without finding any real solutions to end this vicious cycle you’re stuck in. 

– You could easily continue to live this way for the next 20 years.


“The biggest difference I noticed while being guided by Rachael was overall ENERGY! I noticed I was always ready to increase my productivity and I seemed to be in such a better mood! I noticed when there was conflict in my life, it didn’t seem to bother me at all! Consuming more nutritious foods helped in so many ways I almost didn’t think it would! What makes working with Rachael different is the amount of knowledge I’ve learned throughout this process. It’s easy to just “do” because you’re told, but to select what’s best for your body for a reason helps with a life-long habit!”
Tawney Fajardo

“Rachael came to me at a point in my life when I really needed guidance. She taught me so much about nutrition and overall health. She helped me get on a beautiful path of taking car of my mind, body, and spirit. I couldn’t be more thankful!”
Cassi Thomson

“Since working with Rachael the biggest tangible change I have noticed has been the combination of making myself a priority and practicing self-care. I have been able to let go of being a perfectionist Rachael is caring and thoughtful. She’s peaceful, she goes and experiences what she teaches, for herself, first, and then teaches it to me and then I get to share it with others. I would recommend Rachael to anyone who is closed off/struggling inside of their box or their bubble. Whether it’s awareness or to be more open with anything from food/patience/outside world. All of that goes hand in hand. (While working with Rachael) your view on everything changes. I would recommend women who need a shift, to be shaken up. I would recommend Rachael to anyone who is anxious or not feeling energetic or healthy or inspired or motivated.”
Candice Lopez

“Rachael produces real results. No fad or quick solution here. Anyone who wants to learn, ask questions, understand why and how their diet affects certain things and make a life long change with tremendous support and attention…Rachel is your girl! Well, she’s mine but I’ll share :)”
Jade Brownfield

“Rachael leads by example. She not only talks the talk, she walks the walk. That inspires me more than anything. Rachael has been instrumental in my health transformation through her expertise in positive psychology and nutrition. She is able to listen to your needs and create the perfect plan to help you reach your goals. Rachael is dedicated to supporting her clients throughout their transformation, whether it be one on one or in a group setting. For the month of March, Rachel led the Whole 30 challenge where she joined in with us! To me, that shows her integrity. She continues to expand her knowledge on health through research and self-practice. Recently, she was featured on the Doctor Oz show and crowned, Miss United States. Rachael is extraordinary in everything she does. The best part is that she is changing the game for health and wellness. With that, I couldn’t think of a better person more deserving of this recognition than Rachael.”
Julie Martin

“Rachael has helped me change my eating habits. I thought it was near impossible. I am eating healthier and feeling better all because of this beautiful soul. She not only helped me with my health, she is also my life coach and helped me get over some hurtles in my life, and for that, I am truly grateful.” 
Michelle McKay