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Rachael Todd

Business Mindset Coach

Hello, I’m Rachael! 

By day, I am the proud leader of the Gorgeous Mind Movement and by night, I’m a complete health geek. ? ? ?

I DON’T teach you about marketing, accounting, or what product to buy.

Instead, I am a business mindset coach. I help you master your mind so you can create a life and business of meaning…

Even if you have no idea where to start.

If you are ready to fast track your entrepreneurial success, you are in the right place. 

and it all starts with that gorgeous mind of yours.

Wishing you all my best,  


Can you tell the real difference between these two photos? 

Answer: It’s a trick question. The REAL difference cannot be seen by the naked eye… 

Rachael Todd Miss United States


I felt…

  • Successful on paper, but not truly fulfilled. 

  • Afraid to admit my past failures. 

  • Physically drained and stressed. 

  • Like I had so much going on but never had time for just myself. 

  • Out of balance; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

  • and MOST of all… I felt like I needed help, but wasn’t exactly sure what kind of help. 


I felt…

  • So full of life; of love; of energy.

  • A new sense of gratitude… even for my past failures. 

  • Clear about my purpose.

  • Like my mind, body, and spirit were finally working together… not against each other.  

  • A huge difference in the quality of my relationships. 

  • and MOST of all… I felt like I needed to help others now that I knew the key. 

Rachael Todd Female Mindset Coach Smelling Flowers

Do you ever get that feeling that you were made to do something really, truly, amazing? I’m not talking about having a succesful career, or becoming a beauty queen, or any other on-paper successes.

I’m talking about waking up and as soon as you open your eyes you can’t help but smile because you are genuinely thankful to be alive.

I’m talking about waking up and instead of thinking about your long to-do list or crazy schedule, you think about how freakin’ amazing it feels to finally be living a balanced life.

I’m talking about waking up energized and looking in the mirror and thinking to yourself, “Damn, I feel good… Oh yeah, and I look good too!”

If this sounds unrealistic, I once thought it was too. In reality, it took me a long time to realize this ONE thing; that you can completely transform how you decide to live your life.

Here, let me save you 8-years of extreme research (a.k.a. breakups & heartaches, fast starts & failures, and first & second runnerups)  and break it down for you…

At my 10th birthday party, I thought about things like, “Man, life is going by fast. I really need to find a way to slow it down a bit.”

It never slowed down, I was constantly distracting myself by over-achieving in school and rushing through each day over and over again.

Deep down, there was a little lonely, red-headed, freckle-faced girl who every once in a while would remind me, “You are not smart enough. You are not pretty enough. You are not driven enough. YOU are not enough.”

Life was full of stress and pizza (eventually wine too!)

… but, I had a life-long dream of becoming the doctor who finally cured cancer. In college, I studied molecular biology and I thought I was well on my way.

Then one day in the E.R., I fainted and literally peed on myself after watching a guy getting sewn up!!!

I changed my major and my inner-girl was devestated. She asked me, “Who do you think you are? Why don’t you just dream a little smaller???”

Rachael Todd Female Mindset Coach Pick Up Flowers
Rachael Todd Female Mindset Coach Pick Up Flowers Again

The recession hit, and…




… and by everything I mean my boyfriend of 4 years and my father.

My father left our family after losing his real estate business and struggling to reinvent himself.

Today, I understand and see the challenges he was going through and I have learned to forgive him.

But at the time, I thought it was the end of the world. Have you ever seen your mom cry? It destroyed me.

That little girl, the one inside you and me, she did something weird this time. She said…

“Rachael, get up.”

(I had been laying in bed, lifeless, for what seemed like months.)

“Rachael, get up. You have to figure this out. You were not created to live a busy, robotic, unfulfilled life. Get up and get moving! Just go! Do something!

I felt a sparkle flash deep down in my soul. For the first time in a long time I was starting to feel… alive.

I started speaking on behalf of my family’s foundation and started meeting families who were facing homelessness for the first time. I started to realize my true power.

On a whim, I decided to compete in the Miss Florida pageant. I didn’t know how to compete, how to do my hair, how to do my make-up, how to best perform my Irish step dancing against 47 other amazing women… But I did know this one thing…

Rachael Todd Growth Mindset Coach Standing Up
Rachael Todd Growth Mindset Coach Throwing Flowers

… I knew I had to try, even if I failed miserably.

And guess what happened? I won. Holy crap! I won!

* I still get the chills sometimes and just start sobbing *

… because when a panel of judges believe in you more than you believe in yourself, you have no other option than to rise up and prove them right.

In that moment, I realized something so powerful. Something so extremly deep and real: I could do anything! And so can you!

On that night, with a new crown on my head, and a Miss Florida sash over my heart, I promised myself something: That I would spend my year as Miss Florida learning how to become the very best human I could be.

What I learned that year was the ONE thing that had been holding me back in every single facet of my life.

It was…

My mind!!!

Sounds simple, right? But unless you’re in amazing shape, mentally and physically, you know mastering your mind is not as simple as it seems.

After seeing all the changes within myself, I became addicted to learning about postive psychology, mindfulness, and healthful living. (It’s a really good addiction to have, plus you get to keep all your teeth.)

I realized there is a very scientific, step-by-step way to change your mind… and ultimately, your quality of life.

I knew it was my mission to share everything I learned though my years of geeked-out research with other women. I teach this exact step-by-step process through the Gorgeous Mind Movement, which has grown into a blog, podcast, Youtube channel, and eCourses.

Rachael Todd Growth Mindset Coach Throwing Flowers Again
Rachael Todd Growth Mindset Coach Throwing Flowers 3

Today I dedicate my life to coaching over-achieving women, who are no strangers to success. These are busy women with busy schedules and busy lives, and typically don’t have the time or energy to focus on just themselves. I have seen this time and time again as a business mindset coach.

If this is you, don’t settle for an okay life. Even if you currently have a full schedule. With the right methods and community support, you can transform your life.

Don’t confuse ‘being busy’ with ‘being fulfilled.’

You are closer than you think to a happier and healthier you.

You are special. You are more than capable. You can, without a doubt, have a gorgeous mind and a complete life. 

And the best part is, you are only one decision away.

To your success,

Rachael Todd

P.S. I also won the title of Miss United States 2017!



Sounds pretty good, but pretty fake right?!?


YOU truly, genuinly, 100% are my dearest mission in life. 

Helping you reach your vision of health and mental clarity…

Is. My. Life. 


Come let me show you how to run your body & mind like a bad @$$ business!


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