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The Gorgeous Mind Academy
The Gorgeous Mind Academy is an 8-week, online learning program + 2 Bonus Modules for mindful entrepreneurs who want to create a meaningful, balanced, and healthful lifestyle while turning their mind into their most powerful asset.

Building a meaningful business and life demands a powerful mind, a plan, and the will to put the correct practices into play every day. Doing this without a plan or guidance can be stressful and may even feel impossible. 

The Gorgeous Mind Academy can speed up your success and save you years of overwhelming confusion, and costly trial and error. 

Helping business women like you, and the world throughout, build a powerful, unstoppable mindset is my passion, and I would be honored to help you too. 

Jade Brownfield 
“Rachael produces real results. No fad or quick solution here. Anyone who wants to learn, ask questions, understand why and how their mind affects certain things, and make a lifelong change with tremendous support and attention…Rachael is your girl!"  Well, she’s mine but I’ll share :)
I've Spent Years Researching and Perfecting My Strategies
I hope you're ready to learn some REAL mind strategies...
because let's face it... running a business and running your life is incredibly difficult!

Every day I hear women say, "I take care of everyone else and there's no time left in the day for ME!"

The truth is... THERE IS! You CAN take time for you. For your health. For your body. And for your mind. All WHILE running a successful business.

It just kills me that so many women don't know how to balance work and their private lives; subjecting themselves to a life of insanity, fatigue, and poor health.

They don't know where to begin to properly research nutrition, positive psychology, fitness, mindfulness, or even just simple time management.


I truly am invested in your success. From the weekly office hours to the private group, you have a direct line to me and my team, 24/7. 
I'm Here To Help You Win
Every entrepreneur needs a coach and mentor.

At first, when I started my mindfulness & health journey, I didn't look for a mentor or coach. I tried to do it all by myself, which cost me a ton of time and energy... all while I was trying to grow my business. I finally decided to invest in myself and it changed my entire life and business.
You Pretty Much Just Discovered Plastic Surgery For Your Mind!

    The Gorgeous Mind Academy Will Help You:
  •  Learn you how to take care of your health while running your business
  •  Help you create and stick to a powerful meal plan on a busy schedule
  •  Increase you level of energy, while decreasing your stress
  •  Optimize your strengths and relationships so you can focus on doing what you love
  • Learn specific, step-by-step, scientifically proven strategies that PROVE you can change your mind into the most powerful, life-changing machine
The Gorgeous Mind Academy gives you the power to master your mind. WARNING: This is challenging. I will be here to hold your hand, but you MUST put what I teach you, into action.

Throughout my career, I have helped some of the most successful female entrepreneurs get their mindset in razor-sharp condition. Seriously, these women are taking over the world. 

After winning, Miss United States, in 2017, I turned my focus to helping other female entrepreneurs to reach their mindset goals. 

Trust me, you are in the right place. This is one of (if not the most!) comprehensive mindset & healthy lifestyle courses on the market... The Gorgeous Mind Academy.
Here's what you get when you enroll today.
Trust me, this is not another mind mastery course where you get access to a bunch of generic, fluff-filled videos with no actual support. 

I can't even tell you how many flood the internet right now. Honestly, there are so many 'coaches' making these courses and very few who actually practice what they preach. 

I am a female entrepreneur who is obsessed with the mind and health. Everything I teach is based on years of research and scientific study. 
$5,000 Value
Learn from your office or home! This video training comes with a workbook for each module. Plus you will have lifetime access to the program so you can refresh your mind whenever you need a recharge!
$2,000 Value
Develop lifelong friendships and support who are also female entrepreneurs with gorgeous minds! P.S. Not a lot of female entrepreneurs have friends who can relate to their struggles. This will change everything.
$2,000 Value
Get in touch with me virtually on our FaceBook group each week for the entire 10 weeks! I really love getting the chance to chat and answer your questions. I love being here for you!!!
Still not convinced?
...don't just take it from me...
“Since working with Rachael, the biggest tangible change I have noticed has been the combination of making myself a priority and practicing real and deliberate self-care. I have been able to let go of being a perfectionist. Rachael is caring and thoughtful. I would recommend her to women in need a serious shift in mindset; to learn how to balance their professional and private lives. If you're feeling anxious, non-energetic, unhealthy, uninspired, and unmotivated, Rachael is your girl!”
Candice Lopez
Radio Disney On-Air Personality
"Rachael's office hours are worth the price of the course by itself."
The Kitty Neal
Business YouTuber
Go Behind The Scenes & Take A Peek Inside The Academy!
Module 1
Detoxing Your 
Mind & Body
       65 Minutes
  •  Mindfulness For Entrepreneurs 101
  •  Removing Negative Thought Patterns 
  •  What Does Mindfulness Even Mean
  •  How To Deal With Toxic Relationships (even at work!)
  •  Finding Your "Center" EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE NO TIME!
Module 2
Positive Psychology
       73 Minutes
  • The Scientific Proof (hint: Your Chemical Makeup)
  •  Your Cellular Process IN PLAIN ENGLISH
  •  The Number One Mind Hack For Entrepreneurs (The Finder Practice) 
  •  How to Find Happiness & Fulfillment 
  •  Gratitude Strategies for your Personal & Work Life
Module 3
Made Simple
       55 Minutes
  •  Understanding How You've Wired You Mind Against You 
  •  Rewiring Your Brain With Neuroplasticity 
  •  Killing Your Inner Bully FOREVER
  •  Spotting Your Negative Influencers Immediately 
  •  Scientific Strategies To Identify and Remove Negative Thoughts
Module 4
Meditation Mastery
       58 Minutes
  •  What Is Meditation? 
  •  Why Meditation Is Good For Business 
  •  My Simple Meditation Guide (Step by Step)
  •  The Method To Identify and STOP Your Triggers (Co-workers, Mom, Dad, Partner, Children, Friends, Things, etc.)
  •  Taming Your Emotional Baggage 
Module 5
The Gorgeous Mind Morning Routine
       105 Minutes
  •  Finding Time (even if it seems impossible)
  •  The Blueprint That WILL Transform Your Entire Day
  •  The Gorgeous Mind Morning Routine (Step-by-Step)
  •  The 3 Mindfulness Practices Specifically For Entrepreneurs 
  •  How To Stay Committed 
Module 6
My Powerful Life Balance System 
       88 Minutes
  • The SPIRE Circle Advanced Class
  •  How To Master All Six Areas Of A Fulfilled Life
  •  Repairing Wedges That Are Out Of Balance
  •  How Your Business Affects Your SPIRE
  •  Three Ways To Use The Circle For Daily Balance And Peace
Module 7
Repair Your Mind & Body
       55 Minutes
  •  The #1 Predictor of Happiness 
  •  The Finder Method
  •  Repairing Your Body With Brain Superfoods
  •  Detoxing Your Mind & Body With Food (exactly what to eat to detox!)
  •  Creative Ways to Unplug (without feeling guilty!!!)
Module 8
The Authentic Entrepreneur 
       48 Minutes
  •  The Real Definition Of Grit, Resilience, and Authenticity
  •  Reflecting On Your Life (Yes, This Includes Your Past!!!)
  •  Authenticity Exercises
  •  Creating Your Truth 
  •  Connecting Your Truth With Your Business Goals
Module 9
       55 Minutes
  •  3 Personal Assessments 
  •  My Top 5 Character Strengths 
  •  Growing Your Business With REAL POWER
  •  Powerful Resources
  •  Exactly How to Replenish Your Energy
Module 10
       48 Minutes
  •  The Gorgeous Mind Movement 
  •  Permission To Be Human
  •  The Forgiveness Rule
  •  The Cure For Stress 
  •  The Gorgeous Mind Maintenance Plan (Amazing Resources!)
😍 Bonus 1
During the week, I have office hours in our private FaceBook group. I also have 1-on-1 phone coaching sessions with my clients who go with the VIP course option. Either way, I am always here to answer your questions. Always!
😍 Bonus 2
Throughout the course I hold live Q&A sessions! This is your chance to ask me anything you want about your specific situation. You also get to experience this Q&A with other women who usually have a lot in common with you!
😍 Bonus 3
I am notorious for giving you more than you expect. I get so excited when I am able to give you free gifts (like tools, downloads, special treats). These are things that will make your life SO much easier, trust me. 
Hi, I’m Rachael!

By day, I’m the leader of the Gorgeous Mind Movement,
and by night, I’m a complete health geek.

I help busy, female entrepreneurs, just like you and me, become the boss of
their mind so they can recapture their health, purpose,
and confidence.

…because let’s face it…

with the stress of a business, family, and busy schedules…
sometimes it’s easy to forget about taking care of

If this sounds like you…

Trust me, you are in the right place!!!
    •  What is The Gorgeous Mind Academy?
    The Gorgeous Mind Academy is a 10-week online learning program for mindful entrepreneurs who want to create a powerful, balanced, and healthy lifestyle.

    • Teaches you how to take care of your health while running a business
    • Helps you create and stick to a powerful meal plan on a busy schedule
    • Increases your level of energy, while decreasing your stress
    • Optimize your strengths and relationships so you can focus on doing what you love
    • Learn specific, step-by-step scientific strategies that PROVE you can change your mind into the most powerful, life-changing machine. 
    •  How is the Gorgeous Mind Academy Different Than Other Online Courses?
    Here is what makes this different. Unlike other courses that teach just business, or just mindfulness, or just health, I teach busy entrepreneurs how to connect them all together so they can be the most powerful and successful version of themselves. I am also very personally involved with each of my students. You are not a number here. You become a loved and cherished friend. 
    •  What if I am not satisfied with the Academy?
    Trust me, you will be so happy you did this for yourself, but, in the rare instance that you don't feel you aren't receiving outstanding results in the first seven days, after putting in your full and dedicated effort, I will refund your money. 
    • Who is NOT right for this program?
    This is not for people who are looking for help with marketing strategy, accounting, or setting up a business. This program is for new, or seasoned, female entrepreneurs who already have a business and want to take it to the next level through mindfulness, positive psychology, and deeper authenticity. 
    •  What if I have additional questions?
    I would be happy to answer any of your questions! Please e-mail me at 
    • What types of payments do you accept?
    We currently only accept PayPal. 
    •  Do you also have 1-on-1 coaching as part of this course?
    I have a couple different options with the course. One of the options includes the course, PLUS 1-on-1 group phone coaching.
    •  How long will it take to know if my application has been accepted?
    I review each application within 24 hours. If for any reason you do not hear from me within 24 hours, please contact me at
    •  How much does the course cost?
    My working relationship with my clients is for at least 10 weeks, so we can really get to know one another & produce lasting results. I have 3 different packages so you can pick which works best for you. I also offer price plans to all of my clients. This is a premium level course and is for serious entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in themselves. 
    How It Works!
    Fill out the application below and I'll e-mail you to schedule your first complimentary one-on-one discovery session.

    My calls are exciting, engaging, and full of energy. I work with passionate, positive women who are ready to do the real work. I ask that by saying, "Yes," to my free session you have the intention to work in a continued capacity together. But don't worry, we'll figure out exactly what that could look like and if we're a good fit during our call. 
    During our session, I'll get to know your dreams, aspirations, and challenges. I also really love to know your story and who you truly are as a person. Honestly, I enjoy really digging deep with you so you can experience a huge transformation. I specialize in creating breakthroughs for female entrepreneurs and their wellness. Showing you how to become the boss of your mind and body is my dearest mission and passion in life. Let's do it!!!
    After we discover what exactly is getting you stuck mentally and physically, I will let you know how I can help you. If we decide we are a good fit for each other, I will tell you, step-by-step, how your specific challenges can be solved in my course and with my help. This call is all about YOU and the next steps you can take to build your vision. I challenge you to dream big and know that I am genuinely obsessed with helping you get there. Are you ready???
    Lets do this together!
    Click Below to Apply Now

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