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Hi, I’m Rachael! I believe corporate women all around the world are overwhelmed trying to pick between having a successful career and a fulfilling life.

I believe we live in a world that operates 24/7 and we have a hard time unplugging and finding time for our ourselves and our loved ones.

My mission and my passion is to teach corporate women, like you, how to implement proven strategies that give you back total balance and control over your life… so you can finally find fulfillment in BOTH your work and your life.

Don’t give up what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. You deserve to be happy in all areas of your life… NOT just one (like society wants you to believe)

I believe most corporate women use 5% of their potential power because they lack the energy and lost the drive to achieve their dream life. I show you how to stop using the majority of your energy to manage chaos and instead use it to orchestrate a life you love.

Here, let me save you 8-years of extreme research and break it down for you…

I once thought life was just about work

At my 10th birthday party, I thought about things like, “Life is going by too fast. I really need to find a way to slow it down.”

As I entered the corporate world I realized it never slowed down. I was constantly distracting myself by over-achieving and rushing through each day over and over again.

Even though I had won Miss United States and had my dream job, deep down there was a red-headed, freckle-faced girl who every once in a while would remind me, “life is not just about work. Don’t forget about your family… don’t forget about you.

In reality, my life was full of stress and pizza (eventually wine too!)

Picture this: I’m working my dream job, for a Fortune 500 company that flies me around the world and hotels rooms feel like my home.

I rush from one deadline to the next, without a moment to breathe… let alone doing things I actually enjoy.

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Rachael Todd Female Mindset Coach Pick Up Flowers Again

I was stressed & overwhelmed 

Then one night while on a business trip in Japan, I find out my boyfriend of 4 years has had another girlfriend for 3 of them.

It all started hitting me:

I had picked my career over my family and felt burdened by guilt.

The stress had caused me to gain weight… 8 years had gone by and I felt like all I had accomplished was a ‘good job.’

I struggled with knowing that society wanted me to keep hustling, to keep putting myself last, and to keep pacifying my longing for a balanced life…

there was a part of me that knew there had to be something more…

Then one day it hit me

(In a desperate attempt to find balance, I tried yoga.)

I’m lying on my mat at the end of class when all of a sudden…

The yoga instructor leans over me and whispers, “Let go… it’s okay to let go.”

In that instant, I knew she could sense all of my stress, the heaviness of the burden I was carrying, and my desire for a balanced life.

I had been found out. I started to sob.

In that moment, I promised myself I would become an expert in work-life balance so I never had to go back to that miserable feeling again.

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I needed work-life balance

I search for books, coaches, and seminars that will teach me how to find balance without sacrificing my success, but everything I find is the same generic advice.

So for the next 10 years, I immerse myself in the subject of work-life balance.

After seeing all the changes within myself, I become addicted to learning about positive psychology, mindfulness, and healthful living.

I realized there is a very scientific, step-by-step way to create a balanced life without sacrificing success. 

Now it’s my mission to share everything I learned through my years of extensive research with other women. I call this exact step-by-step process The Balance Effect, which has grown into a blog, podcast, Youtube channel, and eCourses.


Now I help corporate women, who are no strangers to success, create a balanced life they love.

These are busy women with busy schedules and busy lives, and typically don’t have the time or energy to focus on just themselves. I have seen this time and time again as a work-life balance coach.

If this is you, don’t settle for an okay life. Even if you currently have a full schedule. With the right methods and community support, you can transform your life.

Don’t confuse ‘being busy’ with ‘being fulfilled.’

You are closer than you think to a happier and healthier you.

You are special. You are more than capable. You can, without a doubt, have work-life balance and a life you love.

And the best part is, you are only one decision away.

To your success,

Rachael Todd

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